Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Homily on Homosexuality

"We have to become informed on this issue so that we can help others." - Father Hollowell

Please listen to this homily on homosexuality by a local priest in Indianapolis.  So many people don't know what the true Church teachings are about homosexuality... it's probably not what you'd expect. (Please show your support of Fr. Hollowell, by "liking" his video.  Many priests/pastors won't speak publicly on the topic.  He's under attack from atheists about this Homily.  Stand up against this evil against Fr. Hollowell and his mission to save souls.  Hover over the lower-left corner of the video, then click "Watch on YouTube" to "like".) 

True Christians love ALL people and are not bigots.  Sadly, many homosexuals have turned away from the Church and God because they think Christians are judgemental bigots, and they hate Christians for that.  God wants us to help save souls and show others His love.  Those who suffer from same-sex attraction and don't know Christ, will never come to Christ if we don't show them God's love.

If any homosexual reads this, I'm so sorry for you if you've experienced intolerance and ignorance from some so-called Christians.  Please don't lump us all into the same category, for those "Christians" I'm afraid are lost.  Please don't let that be the reason you turn away from God.

Even if you haven't experienced intolerance that way, I don't doubt that you've felt an uneasiness coming from some Christians at times, even if they truly have the best intentions.  Please don't think it's always intolerance, but rather they're truly concerned for your soul as a child of God, and yet they don't know what to say.  Christians may at times be very conflicted because our beliefs instill that homosexual ACTS are sinful and therefore they're very concerned about the salvation of your soul, and yet if we say anything... we risk being seen as bigots.  I ask that just as homosexuals thirst for tolerance, so do Christians from homosexuals.  True Christians are concerned for your soul and eternal life and just want the best for you... salvation and eternal life and happiness.  It's out of LOVE, not HATE, and my heart goes out to you if you've experienced the latter and I truly apologize on behalf of those people.  If/when you experience hate and intolerance from "Christians", please know that it's NOT the way of Christianity!

Other Christians reading this... please help spread the word that true Christians are not intolerant, and that we love ALL people.  Please consider sharing this graphic (just right-click, copy & paste):

and/or "share" it from my Facebook page at www.facebook.com/OneCatholicMomsMission along with Fr. Hollowell's message too if you feel compelled.  Don't be afraid to reach out and help save a soul... don't you think it's what God would want us to do?

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