Friday, June 8, 2012

It's Time For A Revolution!

"We cannot remain passive while future generations are deprived of the opportunity to live in a nation that acknowledges it's Creator."  -Tony Shriner, Author of A Revolution for Christ

Wow!  This book trailer is AWESOME!  If it doesn't stir something inside of you, check your pulse! ;)  This young man, Tony Shriner - St. Malachy (Brownsburg, IN) parishioner, has written a book that's goal is to provide vital resources to keep people focused on Christ in our faith journeys.  Sounds like a fantastic book.  Watch the trailer and then visit his website.  Expected release date for his book is October 2012. 

I want to be a revolutionary for Christ!  See how you can too...  visit the website shown at the end of the 90 second trailer by clicking on the photo shown above.

God Bless America and all nations!

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