Sunday, October 7, 2012

Beyond "Grinding" at School Dances

It's Homecoming season, and the perfect time to re-post about "grinding" at school dances. A friend of mine just posted this on Facebook: "Had some football players over tonight for a bonfire. They chose not to be a part of the homecoming dance that is now called "the grindfest". Makes me so sad that school dances are no longer a place I want my child to be."  
This blog post (titled "How Do We Help Our Young People Get Beyond 'Grinding'?") from my favorite priest, Fr. John Hollowell, is a must-read for parents and educators!  Until his recent re-assignment, Fr. Hollowell was the Chaplin and a teacher at Cardinal Ritter High School.  Read his post HERE
Parents, I'd like to encourage you to talk to your teens about this, and like my friend did, offer a better alternative for your kids and their friends on Homecoming night if "grinding" is an issue at their school dances.  And if it is an issue at their school, parents and teachers MUST go to the school administrators and speak-out against it.  EVERY school dance, regardless of whether it's a public school or private school, should have policies against "grinding" at school dances and enforce them.  Don't be naive in thinking that this kind of dancing is harmless.

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