Saturday, February 15, 2014

"I Am Poor"

One of my very favorite priests, Fr. John Hollowell, recently shared a homily about serving the poor.  One of his parishioners sent him a poem she wrote in response to his homily.  It's terrific!  I'd like to share it here:

By Sharon Sauer

I am poor.

I have food to eat but hunger does not come.
There is no pleasure in food.
I waste away though a full plate lies before me.

I have clothes to wear and jewelry for adornment
But no place to go. Nakedness and cold surround me.

I am not behind bars yet freedom I lack.
I am chained by past sins and guilt.
Darkness looms.

Hospitals and doctors have no cure for my disease.
Sickness of mind destroys my soul and body,
Slowly I am dying from the inside out.

I am poor, a wretched soul.
Please I beg you, Be Jesus to me.

Day by day I walk by you yet you see me not.
The pain that destroys me is so well hidden no one knows.

It appears to all that I have no needs.
Yet I have the greatest need of all.

Without love why should I breathe?
Please I beg you, Be Jesus to me.

Neither food nor clothes do I need.
Yet I am destitute, gravely in need.

A kind word, a smile, a caring look
A genuine “how are you” without hurrying away

A listening ear, a compassionate heart
Your time, your friendship, the Love of Christ

Please I beg you, Be Jesus to me.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Super Bowl Ad to Remember

February 2, 2014.  It's Super Bowl Sunday.  The Broncos vs. the Seahawks.  I enjoy NFL football and usually always watch the Super Bowl.  I enjoy the intensity of such a "high-stakes" game, and all the other fun things that go along with the Super Bowl... the half-time show, and the creative and entertaining commercials.

There's one commercial I'll always remember from the 2010 Super Bowl.  I remember hearing a lot of buzz in the media about this commercial in the weeks leading up to the big game.  This commercial was being promoted as a "Pro-Life" commercial.  This was a HUGE deal for Pro-Life supporters because a Super Bowl commercial is usually seen by over 100 million people.  Pro-Choice supporters were up-in-arms about this ad and fiercely objected the ad being aired.

The commercial features Tim Tebow (2007 Heisman Trophy winner) and his mom, Pam Tebow.  Mrs. Tebow was advised by doctors to abort Tim because of a difficult pregnancy and potential medical concerns for her and her baby.  Mrs. Tebow chose LIFE, and the commercial is a celebration of Life and Family, sponsored by the organization Focus on the Family.

Kuddos to CBS for allowing the commercial to air!  A 30 second commercial isn't much time to tell an entire story.  Mrs. Tebow and her husband tell more of their family's here: