Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Don't Let Satan Steal Your Wind

The evil one will try to steal your wind.  Don't let him! 

When you're trying to do good - especially in God's name, or you're changing your life for God, or trying to live a Holy life, Satan will work in sneaky ways to steal your motivation, steal your energy, steal your hope.  He'll even use people in your life that he knows mean the world to you, to mess with your head and make you doubt what God's word is, His love, and His plans.

I've experienced this many times, as I know most people have.  As I mature in life and my faith formation, I can see things more clearly now, and I can recognize when this is happening. 

It's so easy to let people we love who don't have faith in God, influence us because we love them so much and they're very dear to us.  You can even know that those people love you very much, but if they don't speak and live God's word, then be careful of their influence over you.  This is hard and can be painful.  With prayer, strong faith and trust in God, much reflection of His word and teachings, know that it's truly God who has your VERY BEST interests at hand.  "Trust in the Lord with all your heart"  Proverbs 3:5

At the same time, don't let it destroy a loving, important relationship in your life either.  The devil will try to put anger, pain, doubt, spite and pride between you and people you love who may not have the same faith in God... don't let that happen either!  Satan works from all angles.  Keep your prayer life consistent, surround yourself in God's word, and with Holy people - that includes going to church weekly - so you stay strong in your faith and can recognize attacks on your faith.

The evil one will try to distract you, and deceive you, and he knows what buttons work with you, and even knows what people to use to make that happen.  Don't let the wind from your sail be taken from you.  Sail on for the Lord, and keep praying for love in our hearts always, and for those who don't know Him. 

May God protect us all.

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