Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Future Blog Topics

Thank you for visiting my blog.  I could really use prayers of discernment and courage for this cyber mission I've started. 

I've felt for some time now, the Lord tapping me on the shoulder, encouraging me to verbalize my thoughts regarding topics of faith, morality, social issues, and Catholicism.  It takes courage to do this.  I stand the risk of being shunned by friends and acquaintances, and criticised by those with opposing views.  If you don't know me, I'm a very sensitive, humble person but objective about it too.  God made me that way and I'm going to embrace it.

A vibrant, passionate, no-holds-barred priest, Fr. John Hollowell, whom I highly respect and follow, is on a mission too.  He's encouraging Catholics to embrace this digital world, social media, and the Web to spread the Gospel, share our views, stand up for our beliefs, and basically "evangelize" (I've never liked that word but what it means is crucial for Catholics in today's society).  I'm taking heed to his call with this blog, and I pray that I'll do God's will and maybe it will help at least one person to re-think some things and bring them closer to our Creator, our Heavenly Father.

I have TONS of stuff to share and say, and it will take me some time to put it all on this blog.  I'd like to encourage you to subscribe to my blog via email or my Facebook page (see buttons on the right side of page to do so) so you don't miss an entry that might be of interest to you to in future.  Most of what I'll address is from a Catholic perspective, but as a past Protestant, I really feel these perspectives can be enlightening to any Christian.  Here's a brief list of things I'll be discussing so you can look forward to future posts...

The 10 Commandments and Evaluation of Conscience
The "New Evangelization"
Parenting and Family
Attending church services/Mass
Life issues and abortion
Eucharist, "Communion"
Scripture and Tradition
The Pope and Priesthood
Prayer and Saints
The Crucifix
And a number of social issues regarding children, marriage and divorce, sex and indecency, and the overall moral anarchy of today.

I hope you'll consider following me on this journey.  (Don't forget to subscribe on the right.)
Really quickly, right now, please say this brief prayer with me... Lord, please guide Agena in this mission, to do your will and have the courage to do so, to protect her and all those who read this from evil, and to open hearts to a deeper relationship with God.  Amen.

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