Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Why I Started a Blog

I'm a Christian, more specifically, a Catholic.  I was raised as a non-denominational Protestant.  I converted to Catholicism soon after my cradle-Catholic husband and I were married.  I'm NOT a radical... I'm not one to make waves.  I've been holding back sharing important stuff that I feel I can't be quiet about any longer.

There are so many misconceptions about the Catholic Church and our faith.  Many of my friends and family, even many Catholics, don't understand or know a lot of our doctrine (not that I know everything!).  I'm hoping I can help others better understand Catholicism (and in some cases, general Christianity) and the truth about what the Church teaches and believes, and why.  I'm not looking to convert anyone, I just want to share important truths.  I want this blog to be a journal to my children as well.  It's everything I want them to understand and know, from their momma's point of view, and what I hope for them and their lives and future generations.

I use to consider myself liberal.  I see things much differently now, yet I'm not ultra-conservative either.  I'm the type of person that is accepting of all types of people.  I've always been one with a heart for the underdog.  Just because I agree with the teachings of my faith, doesn't make me close-minded.  I'm sceptical and question MANY things... and believe me, it's not usually fun to be that way, but I feel every side deserves a chance.  It's really unusual for me to totally agree, whole-heartedly, with one doctrine.  However, when it comes to Catholic doctrine, it's so pure and beautiful if you get down to the root of why it is the Church teaches what it does.  It really stirs something in me that I've never felt before!

I've dabbled slightly with expressing my thoughts and beliefs, only to be judged, ridiculed, rejected, and dismissed.  Perhaps it was the way I was going about sharing those things?  I've never been very good at verbalizing my thoughts so I used emails and Facebook to share excerpts from things here and there which reflected my thoughts.

People are getting away from emailing, and using primarily social media. Some use Facebook to keep up with old friends, out-of-town family, and share photos of their kiddos.  Others use Facebook to share a plethora of thoughts, interests, and information.  I think for the most part, people see social media as a light-hearted medium to keep up with what's going on with family and friends, and to share what's going on in your own life.  I don't think, in general, most people like reading deep, thought provoking, or controversial topics (unless it's something they agree with) on Facebook, however I don't mind it myself.  I'm choosing to use my Facebook account for light-hearted topics.  I'll occasionally post a link on my FB page directing people to this blog in case they're interested.  If you and I are FB friends and you have no interest in my blog, I hope you'll just skip over the post and still stay connected with me on social media. ;)

In the past when I've tried to voice what's in my heart, I NEVER intended to offend people... I'm not like that. I'm the type of person that really cares about other's feelings and what they think. I only shared because, naively, I thought maybe people would think what I was saying and sharing was valid too. I've learned differently!  Not that my blog posts will be much different, but at least it's less "in your face" and not using media that may not be a way people enjoy seeing such topics.

I've come to the above conclusion painfully after losing friendships and acquaintances by posting on Facebook about such deep, thought provoking, or controversial topics.  In life I want to make friends, not enemies.  I really didn't think what I was posting was that offensive because it all made sense to ME.  I've learned a hard lesson.  This painful experience of losing friendships silenced me for a long time.

I don't want to be silent any longer, so I'm starting a blog.  I agree that email and Facebook probably weren't the best ways to share my beliefs and feelings about things, for not everyone wants to hear/see things that they don't agree with.  So, with a blog, I feel I can freely write my thoughts and share them more subtly.  If someone is curious about what I have to say, they can visit me here, and hopefully it will help keep my friendships (on and off Facebook) intact. =)

If you choose to check out some of my posts, thank you, and please know that I'm not doing this blog to demean or judge any groups or types of people.  My main objectives are... 1.) to dispel myths and misunderstanding or mysteries about my faith, 2.) to share why I love my faith and feel it's teachings are "right-on" with the way we are meant to live our lives by our Creator, 3.) to hopefully help others who are curious or misunderstand the Church or Christianity, and 4.) to document for my children what my beliefs are and what I hope for them.

If you're someone who is an acquaintance of mine, after reading some of my posts, I pray you won't feel all weird around me and not want to talk to me. ;)  Like I mentioned earlier, I'm not some radical, in-your-face type who will talk about any of this (unless someone brings it up with me), nor do I hound people to think and believe the way I do.  I'm a typical, all-American wife and mother.  I'm definitely NO saint, and I'm NOT a prude either.  I enjoy sex (with my husband!), a good joke, cold beer, fun parties, horror movies, and adventure. I just so happen to love the Holy Trinity too!  =)
God bless!

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  1. Great intro. I look forward to reading future posts. Maybe I will eventually find the courage (and words) to start my own blog. In the meantime, my prayers are with you!